Listener panels are essential to independent sound quality evaluation. Our dedicated team of trained listeners and diverse consumers include highly skilled and maintained ISO 8586-2-categorised expert assessors and people with different hearing abilities.

People are the best listening tools

The listener panels are our sound quality measuring tools and one of our primary sources of providing clients with reliable data. Crucial in the R&D process, our listeners are continuously trained, motivated and maintain a high activity level – all factors contributing to excellent panel performance and trustworthy data. 

Experts and consumers evaluate sound quality in SenseLab

When you want sensory evaluation of sound quality and a thorough understanding of preference drivers, you need two types of panels - an expert panel and a consumer panel. SenseLab has both. Our expert listener panel are trained, carefully selected, and highly-skilled assessors who provide objective measurements within the sensory modalities of hearing and vision. The SenseLab Expert Panel comprises 35 highly motivated assessors screened and selected based on comprehensive discrimination and sensitivity tests.  

People with varying hearing abilities evaluate hearing aids and accessories

SenseLab's services include a trained hearing-impaired listener panel with an 'N2' - 'N3' mild to moderate hearing loss according to IEC 60118-15. The 'N3' listeners all have +3 years of experience as hearing aid users and play a crucial role in our services related to evaluating the sound quality of hearing aids or hearing aid accessories. The panel helps establish how hearing aid products' sound quality is perceived and preferred. The results are used for benchmark/marketing purposes and internal R&D work for optimising product sound quality.  

Listener panels continuously evaluated to ensure stellar and objective data

We continuously survey our assessors' performance, ensuring that we live up to the high standards of delivering excellent and objective data sets. By monitoring our assessors' performance, we can handpick those whose skills match a specific type of task or sensory modality.

International hearing studies in multiple languages offered

Through our network and professional collaborations, we offer the possibility of conducting international studies in various languages. We have recently completed studies in Chinese, German, Finnish, Swedish, English and Japanese.

Getting solid listening results requires exceptional question-posing skills

Testing and understanding people's perception of sound requires a firm grasp of how to pose open questions that do not lead the subject. Our experts have years of experience guiding listeners to get valid, comparable data.

Happy customers from all over the world

SenseLab contributes to continuous research, development and knowledge-sharing within the perceptual audio evaluation, sensory evaluation, acoustics, psychoacoustics and sound quality. Our goal is to use our unique professional competencies to drive technology transformations that contribute to the long-term development of society. Not only do we build knowledge, but we also take great pride in sharing it through our many research and business partnerships in Denmark and globally.

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