Our team of reputable sound experts help clients develop products optimised for the expectations and needs of end-users when it comes to audio, visual and user experience evaluation.

Helping you understand end-users' conception of hearing, vision and touch

At our world-leading independent lab for sound quality testing, we see perceptual evaluation as a vital part of product development and benchmarking. Our skilled experts know how to test people's response to audio, visual and haptic/tactile stimuli to ensure that your product interacts with the person using it as intended and desired.

Testing listening is also about knowing how to pose questions

Testing and understanding people's perception of sound requires a firm grasp of how to pose open questions that do not lead the subject. Our experts have years of experience guiding listeners to get valid, comparable data.

Your partner from development to market launch

Have you just begun the development of a new product? Or are you getting ready to market a new one? Our expertise makes it possible to carry out a broad spectrum of listening tests and sensory evaluations of hi-tech products that are in their infancy or ready for the market. We can help you substantiate marketing claims and validate the positioning of your audio product.

By-the-hour consultancy on sound quality evaluation methods and workflow

SenseLab services include standard-compliant listening tests according to ITU-T and ITU-R in our standard-compliant listening room and sound quality profile testing using expert listener panels. We also validate electroacoustic validation measurements.

Preferred independent ally of the global hi-tech industry

Most global hi-tech products with a sound aspect within industries like broadcast and codec, loudspeakers and headphones, hearing aids and automotive have passed through the ears and hands of our experts over the past 20 years. Clients include Jabra, ETSI/3GPP, Phonak, Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG), GN ReSound, Google, Widex, Siemens and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

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Our clients include

  • Telecom and headsets
  • Broadcast and codec
  • Loudspeakers and headphones
  • Hearing aids
  • Automotive

Selected references

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG)