Meet SenseLab's world-leading experts in sound

This exceptionally experienced team provides perceptual evaluation services to local and international companies that deal with sound, noise and acoustics in product development and marketing.

Use us to build a future-ready portfolio of sound solutions 

The 10-person strong SenseLab team is second to none when it comes to knowledge about acoustics, sound quality, perceptual evaluation and noise. They constantly share knowledge and insights with the world's leading experts and have been involved in product development and marketing for the biggest global players in developing sound devices, wearables and hearing aids. Through close cooperation with industry leaders and universities, the SenseLab team continuously contributes to academic development in perceptual audio evaluation.

Søren Vase Legarth

Team Manager, Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 0152

Michelle Herlufsen

Tel +45 4325 0438

Christer P. Volk

Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 0438

Tore Stegenborg-Andersen

Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 1374

Jesper Gøtsche Hansen


senselab team

Gabriele Ravizza

Tel +45 4325 1085

Christina Kjær

Tel +45 4325 1092

Benjamin Pedersen

Senior Specialist
Tel +45 4325 1116

Anders Jacobi


Melina Holm

Business Development Manager
Tel +45 2020 1402


SenseLab facilities

Standard compliant laboratories for perceptual tests of hi-tech products that appeal to end-users’ hearing and vision.
Senselab team
The SenseLab team is also passionate about sound after hours. Many of them have experience with playing a musical instrument or investigating sound in other ways.