Designing sustainable products and manufacturing processes

For Denmark to become climate-neutral by 2050, we must make better use of the earth's resources than we do today. One way of achieving this is through a circular economy, in which materials and products remain on the market while retaining the greatest possible value for the longest possible time. This requires us to rethink how we design products and manufacturing processes.

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The crucial role of design in the circular economy

As much as 80% of a product's environmental impact is determined in its design phase. For this reason, it is essential to start thinking about sustainability and circular economics early on in the development process for products and manufacturing processes. Areas to consider in this regard include material selection, component assembly, and product compositions that make it possible to repair them, replace parts, and extend their lifetimes. Circular economy must also be considered when evaluating production methods and resources in manufacturing processes.
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Sustainable design

At FORCE Technology, our technical knowledge and modern testing facilities allow us to help businesses transition to circular economy throughout the entire product life cycle - we start already in the design phase. Taking into account each individual business and each product's environmental impact, FORCE Technology offers consultancy and analysis to improve the overall environmental performance of the business and its products, both in design and in manufacturing.

Optimising product design and manufacturing processes  

To help businesses make better use of their resources, we at FORCE Technology are working on: 
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Improve product design

FORCE Technology consult its customers on how to design products so as to optimise resource consumption and improve circular economic compatibility. We also consult on optimising manufacturing process to support our customers' green transformations. We accomplish this using analysis, monitoring, data, and digital twins.
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Testing and facility environments

We ensure that businesses can reach the market with new, sustainable products without compromising on safety or quality. We can help you to test and compare your products and new product designs.
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Research, development, and knowledge sharing 

Developing and sharing new knowledge, tools, and solutions to improve Denmark's competitiveness and create more sustainable businesses. We accomplish this in a variety of ways, including through research and development projects, as well as through collaborations with universities and businesses.
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