Non-destructive testing (NDT)

Non-destructive testing is an essential element in maintaining safe and continuous operations in any sector. We can aid with both standard and advanced NDT tasks.

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We offer a wide range of courses within traditional and advanced ultrasonic testing. Complete our course in Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT) and you will be regocnised within the industry as a modern and qualified NDT inspector.
Prototype of the autonomous robot that 3D scans wind turbine blades before they leave the manufacturing site.

Autonomous robot 3D scans wind turbine blades


FORCE Technology, Siemens Gamesa RE and DTU have developed a robot which 3D-scans the surface of blades.

Crawler on bridge

Automatic evaluation of complex sensor data


Adaption of AE-methods for composite materials, welds, and concrete structures.

Wind turbines, wind power

Next step in the cost reduction in the wind industry


Mobile inspection robots and automated evaluation of inspection data will play a major part in reducing costs for subcontractors, contractors, producers and owners in the wind industry.

Inspection of storage tank at CHP Skærbæk Power Station

Phased array ultrasonic inspection (PAUT) of storage tank on the CHP Skærbæk Power Station


Phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT) has been used to inspect the k-weld of a hot water storage tank on Ørsted’s (formerly DONG) CHP Skærbæk Power Station. The inspection of the k-weld did not reveal any failures or defects.

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Enhance your knowledge within advanced ultrasonic testing and strengthen your competitive advantages


Our newest range of courses in advanced ultrasonic testing ensures that you can fulfill the industries requirements to a modern and qualified NDT inspector.

NDT in nuclear power plants

One hundred percent thickness measurement


The steam lines at Ringhals nuclear power plant are subject to periodic inspection. So far, the thickness has been measured manually by using ultrasound, but now tests have been made with the mechanized T-scan system.

Set-up of the probes of the AMS-69.

Complete ultrasonic system for test and production control of wind turbine blades in Korea.


Korea Institute for Material Science, KIMS-WTRC, is the first Korean buyer of a complete ultrasonic system for examination of wind turbine blades.

The X-act 630 is an innovative X-ray measuring system for the plastic pipe industry.

Innovative X-ray measuring system for the plastic pipe industry


In 2014 FORCE Technology delivered a complete and innovative X-ray measuring system to an Australian pipe manufacturer. The system provides manufacturers of large plastic pipes with the opportunity to optimise their materials consumption and product quality.

Water jet probes activated for control of alignment.

Water jet probe scanning system upgraded


Water jet probe system refurbished and upgraded to meet new demands for inspection performance.