Testing, analysis and counselling on materials, equipment and constructions, in relation to transport of hydrogen in the gas grid, as part of the development of Power-to-X.

An essential part of the green transition involves Power-to-X. In addition to hydrogen production and processing, there is a special focus on the infrastructure, that will ensure that we can purchase, store and distribute energy from renewable energy sources in the form of hydrogen.

Safe hydrogen transport is an "enabler" for Power-to-X, and therefore a crucial element in relation to a sustainable transition to green energy sources.

Hydrogen introduces specific demands to materials

An important part of the necessary hydrogen infrastructure is the gas grid, which is one of the most profitable ways of transporting hydrogen.

However, converting the existing natural gas system to hydrogen presents certain challenges. Some of these are known challenges such as hydrogen embrittlement, but the limits for when failures occur are unknown. Therefore, tests or development work in relation to materials and constructions are required, because the properties of the materials are not always fully documented when it comes to the effect of hydrogen.

Test facilities for hydrogen

We offer a wide range of analyses and special testing of materials, so you can ensure that your product or component meets the requirements of both quality and safety for use in a hydrogen containing environment.

At FORCE Technology, we have many years’ experience in testing of materials and their sensitivity to hydrogen within several industries. Adding hydrogen to the natural gas grid can present challenges that we can help you in solving.

Our hydrogen-testing facilities offer unique opportunities for testing with hydrogen under varying pressure and temperature, for example:

  • Hydrogen sensitivity testing of materials - existing and new installations
  • Effect of local hardness zones and welds
  • Effect of flow conditions and mechanical stresses
  • Hydrogen diffusion studies with different materials and hydrogen partial pressure.