Product compliance and testing

Product compliance testing and type approval ensure the reliability of the product and that it meets the existing standards and specifications.

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Advice about product approvals

Notified body


How do the notified bodies ensure a uniform handling of product documentation so that the result is more or less the same regardless of who is chosen on the EU list of notified bodies?

New and used target blocks

Pyroshock and satellites


Sending a satellite into space requires immense power. Before launch, the satellite's equipment must be thoroughly tested with regard to the effects of the launch.

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Healthcare and the Internet of Things


Increased use of remote monitoring in the healthcare sector requires interoperability of healthcare data on electronic platforms.

The life cycle of standards


In general, a systematic review of each individual standard is made every five years.

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5 tips for development of reliable and robust electronic products


Development of electronic products requires a 360-degree approach to reliability and robustness where all relevant failure mechanisms and external conditions, such as climatic, chemical, mechanical, and EMC conditions, are accounted for.

Extreme testing for new space products


Nanosatellites will be built at speeds never imagined before. They will be inexpensive and at least twice as reliable as previous iterations - but this is a serious challenge that calls for extreme testing.

Earthquake testing


In this short article, we summarise the most important conditions to consider in earthquake testing.

New Head of Product Compliance in Aarhus


As of November 2018, Allan Grønkær Kristensen is the new Head of the testing department.

EMC stadard medical devices


The new EMC-standard for medical electrical equipment is already in full effect, and by January 2019, the transition period for the old EMC standard is ending.