Document the acoustic performance of your audio products with electroacoustic measurements.

As a customer at SenseLab, you are ensured perceptually relevant electroacoustic measurement of your product for documentation purposes or for defining targets.

Our measuring equipment is known for being used in the audio industry and includes:

  • Brüel and Kjær – HATS type 5128C
  • Brüel and Kjær – HATS type 4128C
  • Brüel and Kjær – HATS type4100D
  • G.R.A.S. – Kemar 45BB
  • Brüel and Kjær – calibration systems and sound level meters
  • Listen Inc. – SoundCheck
  • Rhode & Schwarz – CMU200
  • DPA and Brüel and Kjær microphones

All measurements are performed by one of our SenseLab specialists with thorough training in methods and electroacoustic measurement techniques.

Standard compliant electroacoustic measurements

SenseLab offers a thorough measurement series based on the following standards, but including additional sets of measurements which, we believe, complement the standards.

IEC 60269-05 – Measurements of passive loudspeaker units and systems

The IEC 60269-05 standard describes a broad series of electroacoustic measurements on loudspeaker units and systems. Our test procedure is based on the IEC 60268-05 standard. 

Measurements include:

  • Frequency response on axis and at 30, 60 and 90 degrees
  • Waterfall plot
  • Sound power response
  • Distortion measures: TDH- IMD/DTD- Multitone
  • Sensitivity
  • Thiele-Small parameters

IEC 60268-07 – Electroacoustic measurements of headphones

The IEC 60269-07 standard describes a broad series of measurements on headphones. Measurements can be performed on all types of wired/wireless headphones, from circumaural to in-ear types.

Our test procedure is based on the IEC 60268-07 standard, but includes waterfall plot, multi-tone distortion and a headphone equalisation data, in the form of FIR filter coefficients.

Measurements include:

  • Frequency response, diffuse- and free-field correction curves included.
  • Waterfall plot
  • Distortion measures: THD- IMD/DTD- Multitone
  • Sensitivity
  • Passive + active noise attenuation

Measurements will be carried out on a Brüel & Kjær Head And Torso Simulator (H.A.T.S.)

Contact us to learn more about electroacoustic measurements, or visit our site about Acoustics, Noise and Sound quality.