Calibration of meters and measuring instruments is key in ensuring high quality and low uncertainty in measurements. We offer a broad range of calibration services in the laboratory and on-site. 

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(Re)Calibration workshop 2018, Copenhagen 6th -8th  June 2018

3rd Annual (Re)Calibration Workshop


The 3rd Annual (Re)Calibration workshop gathers the gas flow metering industry in Copenhagen.

The working standards at the world's largest closed loop.

Uncertainty explained: How to calculate laboratory CMC?


What is CMC, and how does it involve the uncertainty of the laboratories? 

Calibration certificates explained - E-guide to understanding gas calibration certificates

E-guide: Understand calibration certificates


Learn how to read, interpret and understand gas calibration certificate with this e-guide.

Re-calibration of natural gas meters at the worlds largest loop in Denmark

Uncertainty explained: Class half meters


Most laboratories in the world don’t have uncertainty levels adequately low to perform accredited calibrations of a class half meter. How does this affect the gas metering industry?

Re-calibration of gas meters at the high-pressure facility in Vejen, Denmark

5 arguments for re-calibration of gas meters


Why perform re-calibration of gas meters? Re-calibration of gas meters continues to be a discussion point in the natural gas industry. 5 gas industry professionals share their opinion on preventive metrological maintenance, compliance woth regulations, legal metrology, custody transfer, fair trade and calibration intervals.

The broadest measuring range within vacuum calibration in Denmark


Vacuum calibration from high vacuum and to atmospheric pressure makes the laboratory at FORCE Technology in Brøndby unique in Denmark. This is especially beneficial to the Danish industry, as both knowledge and resources are retained in Denmark.

Hydraulic force gauge from Ametek

Flexibility is the key to successful cooperation with sub suppliers


Being part of a large supply chain poses high demands for flexibility and quality. Learn how FORCE Technology and Ametek cooperate when ensuring calibrated measuring equipment for a large international customer base.

LNG ship - Cargo ship with Liquified Natural Gas

LNG custody transfer and transport fuel applications


A European R&D project is headed towards ensuring full traceability of LNG flow metering for fair trade in custody transfer.

High-pressure calibration

8 things to remember when shipping gas meters to a calibration facility


We have gathered our best tips to successful shipment of your gas meters.