Calibration of meters and measuring instruments is key in ensuring high quality and low uncertainty in measurements. We offer a broad range of calibration services in the laboratory and on-site. 

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SmartMet Legal metrology research and development project

Metrological infrastructure for - Legal metrology


Adapting the legal metrology services must underpin a digital and sustainable society.

Riskkal Risk-based calibration strategies and services



New strategies and methods for self-monitoring of meters and measuring equipment.

Standards — a key prerequisite


Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

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New MEGA loop


FORCE Technology is building a new MEGA loop for high-pressure calibration of natural gas meters. is the website where teaching materials for educational institutions are being published.

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New instructional materials must meet Danish companies' present and future needs for qualified labour.

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E-guide: Understand calibration certificates


Learn how to read, interpret and understand gas calibration certificate with this e-guide.

Re-calibration of natural gas meters at the worlds largest loop in Denmark

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Most laboratories in the world don’t have uncertainty levels adequately low to perform accredited calibrations of a class half meter. How does this affect the gas metering industry?

Re-calibration of gas meters at the high-pressure facility in Vejen, Denmark

5 arguments for re-calibration of gas meters


Why perform re-calibration of gas meters? Re-calibration of gas meters continues to be a discussion point in the natural gas industry. 5 gas industry professionals share their opinion on preventive metrological maintenance, compliance woth regulations, legal metrology, custody transfer, fair trade and calibration intervals.