Simulations and CFD

Simulation studies of a newly or redesigned port will help you understand the need for dredging or layout changes while computational fluid dynamics will help you optimise the flow performance of a plant or a vessel.

Ship model database

The ship model database (for customers only) contains all the available ship models from FORCE Technology. All the shown ships can be used as own ships and as targets. Please contact SimFlex Support to obtain username and password. 

  1. Ship model database
Emergency towing training,maritime kurser, FORCE Technology

Emergency towing - when preparation is equally important as the operation


It is well known, that ship incidents can lead to terrible outcomes which is why fast and efficient emergency towing is necessary in order to salvage the ships. However, if the towing operations is not properly trained and prepared for the outcome can end up being even worse.

Turning basin


A well-operating turning basin is of vital importance for the port efficiency. But when establishing or re-designing a turning basin does it make sense to follow existing guidelines?

Simulator training safety course

Training the crew


Team dynamics, communication, mutual understanding and interaction are fundamental parameters for developing a functional and valuable teamwork.

Manoeuvring a megaship can be challenging


With a TEU capacity of over 15,000, megaships are often challenged by their own manoeuvring capabilities.

The ISO 19030 standard


The standard contains descriptions of different methods for measuring and assessing the performance of the hull and propeller of ships. In our daily work, we are deeply involved in measuring performance of ships and have been for many years.

Trim optimization

Let CFD do the trim optimisation for you!


Trim optimisation is one of the easiest and cheapest methods for ship performance optimisation.

Grounded ship two tugs

Correlations in performance indicators


Imagine the following scenario: You wish to try a new performance improvement setup on a ship in actual operation.

Rendering of new port of Veracruz

Simulation studies used in evaluation


Simulation studies were used to evaluate the New Port of Veracruz.

Ship simulator training of pilots and tug masters


Napier Port invests in a ship simulator system from FORCE Technology to train pilots and tug masters in a safer and more controlled environment.