Simulations and CFD

Simulation studies of a newly or redesigned port will help you understand the need for dredging or layout changes while computational fluid dynamics will help you optimise the flow performance of a plant or a vessel.

Port of vordingborg, map


How to avoid expensive downtime in approach channels

Due to the development in ship sizes, larger and larger ships have to sail through the sometimes very narrow and shallow approach channels, making adjustments necessary to fit today’s requirements for efficiency.
Disk value cfd


Determination of power demand using RANS CFD

With RANS CFD we are able to provide accurate predictions of self-propulsion characteristics such as thrust, torque and propeller efficiency Edit this components selection to display news on the page.

Ship model database

The ship model database (for customers only) contains all the available ship models from FORCE Technology. All the shown ships can be used as own ships and as targets. Please contact SimFlex Support to obtain username and password. 

  1. Ship model database