Simulations and CFD

Simulation studies of a newly or redesigned port will help you understand the need for dredging or layout changes while computational fluid dynamics will help you optimise the flow performance of a plant or a vessel.

Ship model database

The ship model database (for customers only) contains all the available ship models from FORCE Technology. All the shown ships can be used as own ships and as targets. Please contact SimFlex Support to obtain username and password. 

  1. Ship model database
Rønne new harbour design

Successful remote simulation in Port of Rønne


Port of Rønne has carried out successful ship simulations over 2 days with remote participation via Teams.

Miniguide: Using CFD to reduce emissions


Guide to emissions reduction at maximum efficiency with CFD.

Maritime training on a distance

Training at a distance - remote maritime training


The COVID-19 situation has accelerated the development of long-distance maritime teaching via cutting-edge digital courses.

Optimized unit

CFD simulation for NOx emission


Company redesigns SCR unit and decreases the amount of NOx emissions with at least 90%.

virtual sea trial using rans cfd

Virtual sea trial using RANS CFD


Evaluation of the manoeuvring characteristics for a ship depends on different variables.

flow visualisation in SCR unit

Webinar video about flue gas and CFD


Learn about how to improve the efficiency og flue gas cleaning solutions


Simulation tools for advanced lifting gear


FORCE Technology is adding functionality to simulation software.

Multiphysical digital twins

Product innovation with multiphysical digital twins


New business opportunities are being sought through the use of digital simulation tools.

Ship simulator training of pilots and tug masters


Napier Port invests in a ship simulator system for training in a safer and more controlled environment.

Pucture of eggs temperature

Optimization of Disinfection Systems using CFD


Case study with focus on SonoSteam food disinfection systems

Simulations and CFD


Simulators and CFD facilities for optimisation of performance.

Safe and efficient navigation - ship model for precise simulation of manoeuvres in shallow water, waves, current

Safe and efficient navigation


The improved hydrodynamic ship model will ensure precise simulation of manoeuvres.