Emissions, bioenergy, and resources

We offer a range of services within emissions, bioenergy and resources to ensure that your product or plant meet the existing legal and documentation requirements.

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Sustainable ferry transport


Factual proof of low particle emission from ForSea’s ferry helps ForSea rise to a better environmental class.

Webinar: Optimisation of flue gas cleaning solutions with CFD


How to improve the efficiency of flue gas cleaning units through flow optimization?

Medical device

Webinar: Towards greener medical devices


How do medical device manufacturers prepare for the increasing demand for green devices?

Knowledge about odour standards at DAKA


Keeping pace with the legislation on odour measurements helps DAKA assert compliance with odour limits.

biomass fuelled production of heat

European Biomass CHP in Practice


Efficient use of solid biomass, biogas, waste and landfill gas for combined heat and power (CHP) production.

The entire testing package was sent to FORCE Technology for technical approval


Instrumatic A / S wanted to expand this business to include measurement of emissions from ships but lacked a technical certification, FORCE Technology helped.

With FORCE Technology's calibration certificates, the measurement system is "plug and play"


Explicit produces sensor systems for measuring emissions from ships. The systems have been developed in collaboration with FORCE Technology, and with the calibration certificates from FORCE, the emission measurement system is an easy case for the authorities to approve.

Standards — a key prerequisite


Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

The sensor of the future

Sensors and monitoring for the ambient air of the future


Microsensors will monitor the ambient air of the future.