In-depth knowledge of the contents and composition of your materials ensures qualified decision processes - during design, operation, failure or damage.

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How you can optimise the curing process for epoxy – and ensure the quality of your product


Many companies experience challenges with the quality of the finished product when manufacturing composites and coatings. We have therefore identified a thermal analysis method that ensures optimal curing of epoxy in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing the risk of complaints and recalls of products.

Longboard composites layers fibres

Composites leave traditional materials behind


A longboard made from composites with a lower weight and better riding feel was the result of a case study.

Component disintegrate in unique test facilities


Life test of components in the harshest and most aggressive environments. 

Plastic net, lego, lifetime, plastic

New views on plastics


Plastic degrades much faster than most other materials. Therefore, FORCE Technology carries out research and development activities within plastics and composites, e.g. in PlastNet.

Tuco Marine Group boat

Optimised composite materials improve competitiveness


The Industry’s Composite Laboratory is collaborating with the Danish company Tuco Marine Group in developing a new generation of boats made from carbon fibre reinforced composite materials.

EHEDG accredited


We are an acknowledged and accredited testing facility of European Hygienic Engieering and Design Group (EHEDG)

Hygienic integration and cleaning efficiency in the dairy industry


Hygienic design and good cleaning procedures should be a top priority - also in the dairy industry.

Hygienic integration and project management according to EHEDG


Many of EHEDG's principles may have validity for a broader audience than the food industry

Joints and welds are a part of hygienic design. Poor welding can result in less optimised cleaning.

Hygienic design is important in new production equipment


When planning or optimising food and pharmaceutical production facilities, hygienic design is a must.