In-depth knowledge of the contents and composition of your materials ensures qualified decision processes - during design, operation, failure or damage.

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OFGRIP Surfaces in industrial products



Surfaces and interfaces in industrial products

Standards — a key prerequisite


Knowledge of standards, their interpretation, and their use is at the core of all testing and consultancy services.

Surface characterisation damages materials



A unique combination of laboratories and facilities for characterisation and analysis of materials.

Industrial mediator for neutron and X-ray analysis at big science facilities

Industrial mediator for neutron and X-ray analysis at big science facilities


Technical skill sets and a mediator structure will give Danish businesses access to big science facilities.

Fact lab, test of subjects in harsh environments

Competitive and reliable material selections for future energy supply (ENFOS)


Competitive and reliable material selections will improve the competitiveness of Danish small- and medium-sized businesses and contribute to a green transition.

Bolt, corrosion

Standards for green energy technology with Danish mark


It is important to get a Danish mark on the international standards for green energy technology.

The Niels Bohr building. Photo by Pro Ventilation

On-site quality assurance of 2.5 kilometers stainless steel ventilating ducts


Flexibility, metallurgic expert knowledge and on-site Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES analysis) were vital for the completion of the task.

Component disintegrate in unique test facilities


Life test of components in the harshest and most aggressive environments. 

How you can optimise the curing process for epoxy – and ensure the quality of your product


Many companies experience challenges with the quality of the finished product when manufacturing composites and coatings. We have therefore identified a thermal analysis method that ensures optimal curing of epoxy in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing the risk of complaints and recalls of products.