Materials testing and analysis

In-depth knowledge of the contents and composition of your materials ensures qualified decision processes - during design, operation, failure or damage.

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Bolt, corrosion

Standards for green energy technology with Danish mark


It is important to get a Danish mark on the international standards for green energy technology.

The Niels Bohr building. Photo by Pro Ventilation

On-site quality assurance of 2.5 kilometers stainless steel ventilating ducts


Flexibility, metallurgic expert knowledge and on-site Optical Emission Spectrometry (OES analysis) were vital for the completion of the task.

Component disintegrate in unique test facilities


Life test of components in the harshest and most aggressive environments. 

How you can optimise the curing process for epoxy – and ensure the quality of your product


Many companies experience challenges with the quality of the finished product when manufacturing composites and coatings. We have therefore identified a thermal analysis method that ensures optimal curing of epoxy in the manufacturing process, thereby reducing the risk of complaints and recalls of products.

MX3D bridge design by Joris Larrman Lab

MX3D printed bridge wins prestigious prize


FORCE Technology is involved in developing a complete monitoring system to verify the strength of the bridge and its behaviour by means of strain gauges and accelerometers among others.

Plastic raw material requirements specifications

5 considerations for requirement specification


When making requirement specifications for plastic materials and products.

Longboard composites layers fibres

Composites leave traditional materials behind


A longboard made from composites with a lower weight and better riding feel was the result of a case study.

Highway bridge collapses

When a motorway bridge collapses


Mere seconds after a vehicle had passed the motorway bridge collapsed. FORCE Technology was appointed as head of the commission to find the cause of the collapse.

Thürmer threaded pin in hands

3D printing of tools


Thürmer Tools 3D-prints tools and compares them to traditionally printed tools. We are testing the 3D-printet tools with fatigue tests and application trials.